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What is molasses? Benefits and best uses for...

Molasses is a great alternative to refined sugar, as it contains micronutrients to support optimal health. Find out more....

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Meet Our Melrose Experts

Here at Melrose, we truly believe you can eat your way to health and have partnered with a team of experts to help guide you into your best self.....

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How to eat for better skin

Let’s first begin with understanding what superfoods and phytonutrients are....

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What is Vegetable Glycerine? We list the...

Vegetable glycerine, also called glycerol, is a dynamic natural product that is used for a lot of purposes in cosmetics and personal hygiene products, food, and even pharmaceuticals. Find out more...

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What is ghee?

If you’ve spent any time looking into healthy alternative diets like dairy-free, keto, or paleo, you’ve probably heard of ghee. Even if you haven’t intentionally looked into ghee, you’ve...

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Organic Avocado Oil

Cold-pressed from the flesh of the avocado fruit to retain nutrients, this oil is great for general cooking and finishing dishes.


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