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Pure Omegas

Melrose Pure Omegas Health Focus Chart

Find the right omega oil for you according to your dietary preference, stage of life and health focus....

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Why you should supplement with fish oil

Fish oil is one of my ‘go to’ supplements. I prescribe it to nearly all clients due to the lack of omega-3s in the modern diet and the evidence for health benefits....

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Everyday benefits of healthy omegas

We often hear about healthy omegas being important due to their effects on inflammation, but what does this actually mean?...

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Why fish oil and MCTs?

There are many benefits from both MCTs and fish oil, so, it makes sense to combine them for a range of positive health outcomes....

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Fish oil and heart health

Recent controversy in the media has many concerned about the validity of fish oil supplementation....

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Organic Avocado Oil

Cold-pressed from the flesh of the avocado fruit to retain nutrients, this oil is great for general cooking and finishing dishes.


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