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How Parents can keep Kids safe from the Cold and Flu

How Parents can keep Kids safe from the Cold and Flu

Children are the likeliest victims of the Flu, given their love for sharing, caring and playing in open spaces. As a matter of fact, a child’s immune system is comparatively lower than the adults which shows that children tend to get sick more frequently. When your child gets a high fever with a runny nose and a sore throat, it’s not always obvious whether it is a cold or flu. Studies show that flu and the common cold are both caused by viruses and they are remarkably similar in their symptoms, the big difference one can see is how rapidly your child is getting their symptoms and how they develop. 


It is always a better option to prevent rather than to cure, so here are some tips and tricks parents can acquire to help their children to maintain their health and boost their immune system.


Avoid sharing germs:

We often teach our child that “sharing is caring” but in this case, you should also teach them not to share anything that comes in contact with their mouths and faces such as cups, straws, eyeglasses or face towels.



Involve your child in different indoor and outdoor activities to boost their immune system. Getting active the whole day is also proven to help reduce cold and flu incidents.


Sleep and rest:

While being active is essential, having an ample amount of rest and sleep is equally important. Encourage your child to rest peacefully with music, books or movie frequently. A child depending on their age needs to get 9 to 14 hours of sleep a day. Insufficient sleep has a high chance to undermine the immune system.


Eat Healthily:

A properly balanced diet includes colourful fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C and D and avoids foods with added preservatives. Also, offer your child plenty of liquids and fluids.


Washing hands frequently:

Regular washing hands are a strong method to fight with germs and kids are often touching their face and mouth with their hands, so parents should reassure that their kids are washing their hands properly before food, after using the bathroom and after playing.


Most importantly, if a child does get sick then let them have full rest at home and take steps to prevent germs from spreading to others as the flu is very contagious. And also see your doctor asap

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