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How to Maintain the Best Gut Health with Digestive Supplements

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How to Maintain the Best Gut Health with Digestive Supplements

Despite what we might think when we hear ‘bacteria’, there is actually a vast amount of it present within our bodies performing critical functions for optimal, overall health, especially in the digestion of food.

How to Maintain the Best Gut Health with Digestive Supplements 

Once we consume our meals, bacteria are what extracts the nutrients to be used to power, repair and grow our body’s cells. The ‘good’ bacteria are also what keeps the number of ‘bad’ bacteria down, maintaining a healthy balance within what is known as the ‘microbiome’. Dietary changes, illnesses and lifestyle factors, however, can cause this balance to be disrupted, leading to a range of issues. 

How Gut Health Supplements Can Benefit Your Gut & Digestive Health 

Studies show people with an excess of ‘bad’ bacteria within their gut microbiome are more at risk of a range of diseases, including Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Ensuring you have a healthy equilibrium is therefore essential to not only prevent these serious conditions from developing, but also promote better performance of other vital areas. Doing this through your diet alone can be difficult, which is why it can be beneficial to introduce probiotic supplements to improve your gut health. 

Balanced gut health for a well-functioning heart & kidneys

Foods like red meat and eggs hold a particular bacterium capable of creating chemicals that, when processed by the liver, helps cholesterol build in our blood vessels, potentially leading to chronic heart & kidney disease. ‘Good’ bacteria are crucial to keep this chemical in check and lower your risk of harmful conditions. 

Good bacteria for better brain function & weight management

Your brain is the control centre for your entire body, sending messages throughout every system – but it is the gut that will consistently speak back. Numerous studies suggest that the balance of bacteria within your gut microbiome influence the way your brain receives and interprets the information generated from your senses. This largely revolves around your emotions, ability to focus, and even mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. 

If your gut microbiome is experiencing an unhealthy balance, then you may also experience confusion about whether you are hungry or not with interrupted signals from your brain. This can cause you to either eat more than your body requires, or fail to eat a satisfactory amount, leaving your body weight to shift to unhealthy levels, such as obesity or malnutrition. 

How can Probiotic Supplements Improve Gut & Digestive Health?

From the day we are born, our gut microbiome is affected by what we introduce to our bodies. Probiotics are a good bacterium like those present within your gut, and can be found within a wide range of foods to help keep your microbiome equilibrium in place. They also have extended benefits, such as improving the strength of immune systems, promoting better gastrointestinal health, and even lessen the symptoms of common allergies. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to fit enough probiotic-filled foods like yogurt, aged cheeses, and fermented or pickled vegetables into our diets. The best alternative is probiotic supplements and gut health products to maintain a proper balance of bacteria and a better performing digestive system.  

Melrose Digestive Health Supplements & Products

Melrose has a variety of gut health products available pairing probiotics with key ingredients to ensure you have a well-balanced microbiome for a better digestive process. 

Feed good bacteria & control blood sugar levels

Alongside probiotics, ingredients also include barley grass, spirulina, and wheatgrass, which are filled with insoluble fibre that feed the good bacteria in the gut, making it far more efficient to process and digest the food consumed. They also contain soluble fibres, leaving us to feel full for a longer period, slowing the absorption of sugars to balance levels in the blood, thereby keeping us focused and our moods regulated. 

Reduce bloating & acidity

Our ingredients also include a range of rich nutrients, such as proteins and phytonutrients delivering anti-inflammatory and alkalising effects, lowering the impact of bloating and acidity build-up within the gut. 

Eliminate heavy metals & free radicals

Within Spirulina and Chlorella – two of the key ingredients in our gut health products – there is an array of micronutrients present, such as chlorophyll and phycocyanin. These work tremendously well in targeting, eliminating and detoxifying heavy metals and free radicals from our bodies.