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Improve your Workouts with Melrose Go for Longer MCT Oil

Improve your Workouts with Melrose Go for Longer MCT Oil

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a particular type of healthy fat. Unlike standard long-chain triglycerides, more commonly found in the diet, MCTs convert directly into ketone energy rather than being stored as fat. Melrose have developed 3 variants of MCT Oil, each with differing chain lengths to specifically target your health goals. 

Including the longest carbon chain, C12, Melrose Go For Longer MCT Oil has an extended energy conversion making it perfect to support your exercise goals. As the natural energy provides sustained focus and performance, it’s great before high intensity workouts or your heavy lifting gym sessions. It’s also suitable before your long fasted bike ride or weekend run, providing ketones for energy and to enhance your fat adaptation goals.

Below are our top four tips to combine with your Melrose Go For Longer MCT Oil to see the best results:

  1. Try our Melrose MCT Coffee before your next session and improve your training outcomes and support your current fitness regime.
  2. Ensure you are including healthy carbs within the meal you eat post-workout. Examples include 1 banana in your protein smoothie or ½-1 cup of sweet potato with your protein and salad. This ensures adequate muscle glycogen replenishment and exercise recovery.
  3. Make sure you are consuming adequate protein. If your goal is to lift heavier and put on muscle, aim to eat 2–1.5g of protein per kilogram of body weight each day. Some of my favourite options include Greek yoghurt, free range eggs, wild caught salmon, pasture raised chicken, grass fed beef and lamb.

For optimal recovery, add a small serve of protein before bed. Improved results have been shown via a slow-releasing protein such as casein from Greek yoghurt.


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