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Increase Focus and beat the Brain Fog with Melrose Going Faster MCT Oil

Increase Focus and beat the Brain Fog with Melrose Going Faster MCT Oil

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a particular type of healthy fat. Unlike standard long-chain triglycerides, more commonly found in the diet, MCTs convert directly into ketone energy rather than being stored as fat. Melrose have developed 3 variants of MCT Oil, each with differing chain lengths to specifically target your health goals. 

Composed of the shortest carbon chain, C6, as well as C8 and C10, Melrose Going Faster MCT Oil has the fastest energy conversion, directly used by the brain. This is the best choice for helping with brain fog and offering an alternate fuel to the brain’s reliance on glucose, a very temporary and erratic fuel. Going Faster is great for students, heavy workloads and long hours, sleepless nights and “mum brain”, something I can personally attest to! Take this frequently throughout the day for maximum cognitive benefits.

Here are our top four tips to combine with your Go For Longer MCT Oil for best results:

  1. Ditch refined sugar. There is now an abundance of research that links sugar to many health problems and chronic disease. When it comes to the microbiome, sugar causes an estrogen overload and an overabundance of potentially pathogenic bacteria in the gut. In addition, sugar causes the release of the fat storage insulin, which is largely to blame for weight gain and the associated inflammation. While it may offer you an immediate fix, sugar really does negatively impact everything from gut health to craving control.
  2. Try our Cashew Chilli Chocolate – one of the best way to kick 3.30-itis to the curb, and it tastes incredible too!
  3. Limit your caffeine intake – while it can provide greater focus and energy in smaller amounts, beyond our own personal sweet spot of caffeine consumption we can feel depleted, dehydrated, jittery and even anxious. Additionally, caffeine in excess acts to spike cortisol which promotes the dumping of insulin into the blood stream and will act to switch off fat burning. Please keep your consumption to no more than 2 shots of barista coffee per day.
  4. Adequate sleep is essential for blood sugar control, an efficient metabolism and stress management. Please aim to get as close to 7.5 hours of sleep per night. Great sleep hygiene tips include a ‘technology detox’ in the last hour before bed, the use of com on your computer (if you need to be working), the use of ‘Night Shift’ on your iPhone (Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift), and a dark room that is not too warm.

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