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Mornings with Melrose - Nick

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Mornings with Melrose - Nick

Is a rock-solid morning routine the key to a successful day? We think it certainly helps and are meeting up with a range of every-day people doing interesting things to take a peek into what their mornings look like.


Nick is a serial entrepreneur running 12 businesses, plus his latest venture, a mentoring platform called Lisnic connecting mentees and mentors across the globe. It goes without saying, Nick needs to be on the ball all day, every day.

We step inside Nick’s home as he takes us through the morning routine that keeps his energy levels high for the day ahead.  


Melrose MCT Coffee

Before we get into this delicious recipe below, how about we understand why ketosis is beneficial & why we love organic MCT oil in our coffee? Ketosis is a state of metabolism, which breaks down fat for energy. The quickest way to ketosis, is through a low-carb or ‘ketogenic’ diet. This is where MCT oil coffee’s come in handy.