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Melrose MCT Testimonials

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Melrose MCT Testimonials

Testimonials from happy Melrose MCT users.

Melrose MCT Rachel Finch

Rachael Finch

Media Personality and Health Coach

"For years Melrose MCT oil has been a part of my morning ritual, with my MCT coffee, helping setme up for a productive day. Melrose MCT gives me clarity, focus and long lasting energy, to help power me through long days and get the most out of my time."


Melrose MCT Cliff Harvey

Cliff Harvey 

Registered Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath

"I love Melrose MCT because it is high quality, unadultered MCT that is sourced sustainably and is of the highest quality... That means I get the best quality MCT oil to boost my mental and physical performance, without any nasties." 


Melrose MCT Dani Harvey

Dani Venn

Finalist on MasterChef Australia 2011 and MasterChef All Stars in 2012. Since then Dani has launched 'Eat It Up Creative' food and communications consultant working with food brands and hospitality businesses.

"As a busy mum Melrose MCT oil provides me with a clean source of energy to give me an extra boost. It's easy to add into everyday meals and drinks for extra nutrients and to help keep me feeling full for longer."


Melrose MCT Lucas Wong

Lucas Lim

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach at 5th Element Wellness.

"As a personal trainer, I rely on products like Melrose MCT to help me get through long work hours. The formula ensures that I'm productve at work and that I get my daily health fats in. In turn, it has helped me maintain my blood sugar levels, focus and cognition. It's a great product if you want to avoid the afternoon slumps and have constant energy throughout the day."


Melrose MCT Steph Lowe

Steph Lowe

The Natural Nutritionist and Melrose Resident Nutritionist

"I love to use Melrose MCT Oil for my morning MCT Coffee, to optimise my metabolism and provide the mental clarity and satiety I need for the day ahead. It's one of the best additions to increase your fat burning potential and will help to manage blood sugar control, cravings and 3:30-itis."