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Why Melrose MCT?

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Why Melrose MCT?

Medium Chain Triglycerides are a novel type of fat found in small amounts in dairy foods like butter and cheese, and in palm oil, and coconut oil.

MCTs aren't digested and absorbed in the same way as normal dietary fats [see our article 'What are MCTs' for more info!] and this gives them interesting benefits for health and performance. They have been researched extensively and the many benefits of choosing Melrose MCT includes:

  • Melrose MCT is made with only the best part of the coconut.
  • We use 100% coconut oil in our MCT.
  • Free of herbicides, pesticides and is sustainably farmed in Phillipines and bottled in Australia.
  • We scrutinize and test every step of the way to meet our high quality standards.
  • We choose to use Coconut Oil rather than Palm Oil due to the associated negative ecological effects caused by Palm Oil plantations.