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The Calorie Fallacy

Learn about the myth of calorie counting, and why it's not necessary when you're on your health journey with Melrose. ...

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How To Use Melrose MCT?

Medium chain triglycerides can be a great addition to any diet, whether used to help you to increase and maintain ketone levels to get into and stay in ketosis or in a more 'Carb-Appropriate' diet......

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What Are Ketone Bodies?

We produce ketone bodies - or fuel from fatty acids during a ketogenic diet, when fasting or when taking MCTs, which is important to keep the body moving....

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Why Take Melrose MCT?

Medium Chain Triglycerides are a novel type of fat found in small amounts in dairy foods like butter and cheese, and in palm oil, and coconut oil......

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What Are MCTs?

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a particular type of dietary fat that are most commonly found in coconut and palm oils. MCT's are important fatty acids that are between 6-12 carbon chains in...

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Organic Avocado Oil

Cold-pressed from the flesh of the avocado fruit to retain nutrients, this oil is great for general cooking and finishing dishes.


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