Immune Guard

  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • dairy free
  • keto friendly
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Intelligent Immune Support

  • Helps reduce the severity and symptoms of common cold symptoms
  • 400mg of Quercetin to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms
  • Supports immune health
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Rich source of antioxidants to prevent free radical damage to body cells
  • Maintains vitamin C levels in the body
  • AUSTL Number: 387831
  • Melrose Immune Guard is an intelligent formulation utilizing the best-known immune supporting vitamins and minerals available.

    With a blend of vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, Kakadu plum and olive leaf extract - this is a broad-spectrum immunity product that helps to support healthy immune system function and general well-being.

    In addition to immune support, our Immune Guard has a 400mg daily dose of Quercetin which helps your body fight symptoms of mild allergies which is important for those who suffer from allergies - including seasonal allergies!
  • Each 2.5g dose contains:
    Total Ascorbic Acid 1.2 g
    Ascorbic Acid 1g
    Calcium Ascorbate Dihydrate 219mg Equiv. ascorbic acid 180mg
    Quercetin (from quercetin dihydrate) 200mg
    Vitamin D (colecalciferol) 500IU (12.5 micrograms)
    Zinc (from zinc citrate) 10mg
    Olive leaf (Olea europaea) leaf ext. dry conc. 100mg Equiv. to dry 1g
    Kakadu plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana)
    Fruit flesh powder 20mg
  • Adults: take 2.5g (3/4 metric teaspoon) once a day for immune support. Take 2.5g twice a day for relief from symptoms of mild allergies.

    Children 12 years and older: Take half adult dose (1.25g) once a day for immune support.

    Take in 250ml water or juice, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

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A blend of Vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, vitamin C, olive leaf extract and Kakadu plum – taken together, this is a well-rounded immunity product.

Quercetin helps control your body's response to seasonal allergies and is a natural antihistamine. 


At Melrose, we exist to make it easier for everyone to be and feel healthier, naturally. We believe in the power of whole foods, but see the challenge that modern lifestyles can place on our diets. Our superfood blends are potent sources of beneficial nutrients that make a noticeable difference to our consumers lives.