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ICE CUBE BATHS AND DRINKING BUTTER: How Rachael Finch stays in shape

ICE CUBE BATHS AND DRINKING BUTTER: How Rachael Finch stays in shape

She’s the busy mum who’s been candid about what life is like post-children – but that doesn’t mean that Rachael Finch doesn’t find time to prioritise her health.

The TV host and former Miss Universe Australia - who has recently launched her own online health, fitness and lifestyle program Body By Finch – shared some of her top wellness tips with New Idea.

And some might surprise you…

Melrose MCT Rachel Finch

I hang upside down daily

Rachael, who is mum to children Violet and Dominic, tells New Idea that hanging upside down on a daily basis does wonders for her body.

‘I have a set of bars on our balcony outside and use it to hang upside down each morning,’ she says.

‘The ‘reverse effect’ of gravity has a positive effect on my body and I notice it helps realign my body and reduce strain on joints.’

I drink butter with my coffee every morning

Rachael, a certified health coach, says she notices a difference in her performance when she glugs down an unusual concoction in her morning cuppa.

‘I notice a huge difference in my performance, focus and energy when I drink my MCT coffee mix in the morning which consists of grass fed butter, Melrose MCT oil, black coffee, turmeric, cinnamon and maca powder,’ she reveals.

I practice holding my breath

‘This is a part of my meditation and helps to calm my mind and body,’ Rachael says.

‘It reduces stress and helps me feel more present in whatever I’m doing.’

I lay on the floor tiles at home when I feel flighty or stressed

According to Rachael, practising ‘grounding’ regularly helps her feel ‘more centred, balanced and less tense’.

‘For bonus points I do this outside on the grass or in the sand when I can,’ Rachael says.

I fill the bath up with ice cubes

This isn’t one for the faint-hearted, but Rachael says she’ll sit in a bath full of cold water after a hard workout.

‘I notice it reduces the effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)’ she says.

‘They have been shown to reduce muscle swelling and inflammation caused by training due to the cold shock,’ she adds.

I wear blue blocker glasses

After the sun goes down, Rachael swears by using so-called ‘blue blocking glasses’ to protect her eyes from blue light present in digital devices.

According to experts, the glasses can improve sleep and reduce the effects of artificial light on your brain.

‘I notice I sleep better and don’t continue to feel ‘on’ after sunset,’ Rachael reveals.

I brush my tongue

Finally, Rachael says she regularly brushes her tongue to help eliminate bad bacteria from her mouth and improve her dental health.

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