Healthy Kitchen Oils

At Melrose, we believe in eating your way to health, and that health can and should taste great. We all use oils every day in our kitchens, so why not choose really healthy ones?

Melrose Healthy Kitchen Oils are a range of high-quality oils that we have carefully selected to each serve a specific purpose in your kitchen. Our versatile range of oils each have a distinctive flavour profile and provide unique health benefits that can be put to use for all kinds of cooking, for the simplest to the most inventive cook.

To ensure our Healthy Kitchen Oils range provides you with a choice of the highest quality, most flavoursome and healthful oil for each meal, we have considered three main factors:

  1. The best way to use the oil in the kitchen.
    By considering the type of cooking each of our Healthy Kitchen Oils is best suited to we have been able to ensure each and every cooking requirement is met.
  2. The health benefits of the oil.
    Achieving health with food is one of our main goals at Melrose, so we have selected only oils that are extracted in a way to retain all the valuable nutrients. Melrose Healthy Kitchen Oils are packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, offering a wide range of health benefits to compliment your cooking.
  3. The flavour it brings to the food.
    Selected for taste, each of the oils in our range deliver unique and delicious flavours to enhance your cooking. We want our oils to be accessible to everyone, so have provided inspirational recipes and included detailed information on our labelling such as tasting notes and how best to use the oil.

Our Healthy Kitchen Oils range provides you with the choice of an oil suited to every need, every kitchen, every flavour.

All of our oils are cold or expeller pressed. They have not been heat treated so they have retained all of the valuable nutrients and flavours from the raw ingredients. Mostly organic, our range of Healthy Kitchen Oils are from the highest quality source to ensure you can enjoy healthy and delicious oils to cook with.

Our Healthy Kitchen Oils range can be classified into three groups: Kitchen Essentials, Organic Kitchen Speciality, and Organic Kitchen Omegas. 

Kitchen Essentials

Melrose Kitchen Essentials are our foundation oils, commonly found in many kitchens and suitable for all types of cuisines and cooking. Each of these oils has a versatility to satisfy every cooking requirement from pan-frying to roasting and finishing warm and cold dishes.

By alternating between these oils you can enhance your cooking with specific flavours and benefit your health with a variety of omegas to balance your intake of essential fatty acids.

In our Kitchen Essentials range you will find Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Sesame Oil, Premium Liquid Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and Grass Fed Ghee.

Organic Kitchen Speciality

These gourmet speciality oils each offer distinctive nutritional features enabling you to support your health whilst enhancing the flavours in your cooking.  High in essential nutrients, these oils provide a wealth of nutritional benefits such as optimising heart health, reducing inflammation, improving brain health and having incredible effects on skin conditions and healing. Their exceptional and distinctive flavour profiles allow you to optimise your health with delicious and unique dishes.

Our Organic Kitchen Speciality range boasts Organic Walnut Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Organic Wheatgerm Oil and our exciting new Organic Coconut and Ghee blend.

Organic Kitchen Omegas

Melrose Kitchen Omegas are both delicious and incredibly healthy! Amazing for salads and finishing off warm and cold dishes, each of these oils has a clean and distinctive flavour. These oils are rich in essential omega 3’s that are well known to benefit your overall wellbeing, support heart and brain health, reduce inflammation and pain, and to support joint and bone health. The human body is not able to generate omega 3 on its own, so using these oils is a great way to boost your intake of this important nutrient.

Our fabulous Organic Kitchen Omegas range includes Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Macadamia Oil and Organic Sacha Inchi Oil

Which oil do I need?

There are three main things to consider when selecting your Kitchen Oils:

  • purpose – every cooking need from high and low temperature cooking, to making salad dressing
  • health benefits – our oils offer wide range and targeted nutritional benefits
  • flavour – from delicate subtle flavours through to the full and robust we have you covered.

Melrose has an oil for every cooking need. There is no one oil suited to every kitchen. The Melrose Healthy Kitchen Oil range has been categorised by cooking style, flavour profile, smoke point, cuisine, fatty acid content and nutritional value, along with the associated health benefits. Our aim is to remove the confusion about how to incorporate good fats into your diet and how to use each oil in your kitchen. 

Our new labelling provides helpful information on how to use each oil and tasting notes to help you make the best choice for your purpose. Every kitchen needs a range of oils to suit different cooking methods and flavours.

The purpose for the oil

Depending on the type of cuisine and method of cooking you will need to consider the smoke point and the flavour to suit your requirements. For example: we love to use Melrose Sesame Oil for our Chicken Nasi Goreng, whereas, we choose Melrose Sunflower Oil for the shallow frying and Sacha Inchi Oil to make our delicious Hummus. Oils with high smoke points can be used for shallow frying and stir-frys whilst those with lower smoke points are more suited to finishing off cold and warm dishes, medium smoke point oils are excellent for low heat cooking and baking. Our Healthy Kitchen Oils Product Comparison Chart outlines the distinctive characteristics of each of the oils.

Health benefits

Our quality sourced cold or expeller pressed oils provide a myriad of health benefits. Unfortunately, in many cases, the modern western diet tends us toward an imbalance in our essential fatty acid intake. Consuming a wide range of quality cold pressed oils will help to correct this with a balanced mixture of Omegas 3, 6 and 9. By simply including a wider range of healthy oils in your diet you may experience health benefits such as: reduced inflammation, improved heart health, improved brain health and an improvement to the texture and appearance of your skin and hair. Additionally, many of our oils offer essential nutrients and antioxidants required for optimal health, and easily supply additional nutrients to your diet. So whether you have a specific condition or are simply looking to optimise your health with whole foods we have the perfect Healthy Kitchen Oil to meet your needs


Think about the desired taste and aroma of your dish. Choosing the right oil for your recipe can greatly enhance the dish by adding distinctive flavour ranging from subtle, buttery avocado oil in a salad to strong aromatic coconut oil in your baking, or traditional full bodied olive oil for your pasta. The versatility of flavour in the Melrose Healthy Kitchen Oils could be the secret to your new signature dish.

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Organic Avocado Oil 250mL

Melrose Organic Avocado Oil is cold-pressed from the flesh of the avocado fruit. Like olive oil, avocado oil has high levels of antioxidants and beneficial fats, making it a healthy all-round cooking oil.
Ingredients 100% Organic Avocado Oil

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Organic Sacha Inchi Oil 250mL

Melrose Organic Sacha Inchi Oil is one of the highest plant-based sources of omega 3 making it an excellent vegan alternative to fish oil. Sacha Inchi oil has been consumed in Peru as part of a traditional Inca diet for 3000 years and the plant is native to the rainforest of the Andean region of South America.
Ingredients 100% Organic Sacha Inchi Oil

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Premium Liquid Coconut Oil 500mL

Melrose Premium Liquid Coconut Oil is derived from sustainable coconut plantations in the Philippines and is made up of mostly medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). These fatty acids are easy to digest and provide a healthy source of energy. An ideal everyday healthy cooking oil alternative. Palm oil free.
Ingredients 100% Organic Coconut Oil (Fractionated)

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Organic Full Flavour Coconut Oil

Melrose Organic Full Flavour Coconut Oil has a creamy coconut flavour and aroma. Ideal for all types of cooking, including baking where it can be used as a substitute for butter.
When to use this oil? Cooking at low temperatures.
Smoke point - low. Can be heated to approximately 170°C.
For inspiration on how to use this oil, check out our Recipes page.

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Organic Flavour Free Coconut Oil

Melrose Organic Flavour Free Coconut Oil is a pure, natural coconut oil with a neutral flavour that is expeller-pressed at the source from sustainable coconut plantations in the Philippines .

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Organic Grass-fed Ghee 380mL

Melrose Organic Grass-fed Ghee (clarified butter) is made using the traditional method of simmering organic butter until the milk solids separate and then hand-filtered to remove any impurities. Ghee is a highly nutritious cooking oil suitable for high heat cooking and can be stored without refrigeration.
Ingredients 100% Organic Butter (From Pasteurised Cows Milk)

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