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Nut Butters

About our Nut Butters

Finding convenient, nutrient-dense foods that also happen to be delicious can be trying at the best of times. Melrose makes it easy with quality pantry staples like our latest nut butters.

We’ve taken nut butters to the next level with flavourful combinations of health-boosting ingredients. Move over peanut butter! Our latest crushes are made from choice whole nuts that have been lightly roasted, ground and bottled without any nasties added. They’re tasty, versatile and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and on all kinds of diets.

Nut butters contain good fats, pre-biotic fibre, clean protein and an array of vitamins and minerals. Including them in daily diets can help bodies grow, develop and stay healthy. Nuts are especially beneficial for balancing blood sugar, curbing hunger, keeping the weight off, heart and brain function, digestive health and overall wellbeing.

Learn more about the many health benefits of nuts in the article Why nuts are good for your health by Melrose Resident Nutritionist, Steph Lowe.

Melrose Nut Butters are:

  • all-natural and made without additives, fillers, sweeteners and stabilisers
  • brimming with good fats, fibre, plant-based protein, vitamins and minerals
  • vegan, certified Kosher, and free of gluten and GMO ingredients
  • suitable for low-carb high-fat, grain-free, paleo and vegan diets
  • a convenient healthy snack for the young, old and everyone in between.

Enjoy them straight from the spoon, use in place of butter on toast, blend into smoothies, mix into dips and sauces, layer with fruit and yoghurt, swirl into oats, add to raw treats, bake into cookies and more. The possibilities are endless!

Let us introduce you to our new range:

The smash hits from our heritage range, this trio of Melrose originals is as versatile as they are delicious and nut-ritious.

Almond 250g
Nutrient-rich and popular, almonds have it all. They’re A-listers of the nut world and Melrose Almond Butter contains nothing but lightly roasted almonds. Did you know almonds contain more antioxidants, fibre, heart-healthy fats, vitamins and minerals than peanut butter? They’re also beneficial for gut health, support healthy blood sugar levels and are satisfying.

ABC 250g
Melrose ABC Butter is a balanced combination of almonds, brazil nuts and cashews in one creamy, delicious blend. Why choose when you can have them all! Together, this trio of nuts provides a healthy dose of good fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. They offer an array of nutrients to support your brain and heart.

Macadamia Cashew 250g
Melrose Macadamia Cashew Butter unites the goodness of Australian macadamias with cashews to create the ultimate in creaminess and ‘spreadability’. Macadamias contain the unique omega-7 palmitoleic fatty acid, which can contribute to healthy skin and should be considered in your beauty regime. This nourishing butter will keep hunger at bay and you powering throughout your day.

With flavoursome combinations of health-boosting ingredients, these nut-rient dense creations will excite those seeking next-level nourishment.

Almond Açai 250g
Escape to the tropics whenever the need arises with this exotic blend of almond, açai, banana and coconut oil. With nutrient-rich superfruit powders, Melrose Almond Açai Butter delivers a bounty of antioxidants, fibre, healthy fats and protein. Anyone can take a holiday from the daily humdrum with our smoothie bowl-inspired creation.

Almond Chai 250g
Melrose Almond Chai Butter is a lively blend of almonds, chai spice and MicroDried® celebration grapes. It’s like a party for your taste buds! Almonds and grapes are good sources of fibre and flavonoids for digestive health and overall wellbeing. Chai spices not only add vibrant flavour but have traditionally been used to aid digestion and balance blood sugar levels.

Chocolate Hazelnut 250g
Melrose Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is the ultimate guilt-free chocolate spread with a decadent blend of hazelnuts, cacao, organic creamed coconut and MCT oil. Cacao and hazelnuts combine to provide a hit of antioxidants and mood-boosting plant compounds. This seemingly naughty indulgence will quieten the most demanding of cravings.

Coconut Cashew 250g
Heaven exists. And we’ve bottled it… Melrose Coconut Cashew Butter is a luscious blend of cashews, organic creamed coconut and Himalayan pink salt blended into a rich creamy butter with coconutty flavour. Our creamed coconut is made from fresh coconut flesh that’s dried and ground into a creamy paste. All one needs is a spoon and this dreamy combination to float away on cloud nine.

Available at all good health food stores and independent supermarkets (if there’s any left…).

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Macadamia Cashew Butter 250g

Melrose Macadamia Cashew Butter is made using lightly roasted Australian-grown macadamias. We blend them with just the right amount of quality cashews for the ultimate in creaminess and ‘spreadability’. A Melrose original, this nourishing spread is loaded with beneficial fats that will help keep hunger at bay and you powering throughout your day.

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ABC Butter 250g

Melrose 100% ABC Butter is a combination of lightly roasted premium quality almonds, brazil nuts and cashews. Our balanced mix of three nuts provides a naturally tasty, nutrient-rich protein butter without additives or preservatives. This wholesome Melrose classic is still one hundred per cent good for you.

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Almond Butter 250g

Melrose 100% Almond Butter is made using only the highest quality natural almonds. We’ve lightly roasted, blended and bottled them to create a delicious and nutritious butter. This Melrose favourite deserves a place in everybody’s pantry. Naturally sweet and creamy, it’s good enough to be enjoyed straight from the spoon.

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Almond Chai Butter 250g

Melrose Almond Chai Butter is a party for your taste buds. Our vibrant spin on tradition fuses lightly roasted almonds with MicroDried® celebration grapes and exotic Indian chai spices. Celebration grapes are MicroDried® using a unique process that retains their natural size, colour and sweetness. Spice up your snack of choice with this flavoursome nut butter.

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Almond Acai Butter 250g

Melrose Almond Acaí Butter tastes like summer. Inspired by popular smoothie bowls, it delivers antioxidants, healthy fats and protein thanks to concentrated superfood açai berry powder, lightly roasted almonds, banana and unrefined coconut oil. Take yourself to the tropics whenever the need for a holiday strikes.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Butter 250g

Melrose Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is the healthy choice for chocolate spread addicts. Our moreish blend unites the goodness of lightly roasted hazelnuts with creamy coconut and raw cacao to give a nutty chocolate hit without the guilt. Creamed coconut is made from fresh coconut flesh that is dried and ground into a creamy white paste. This seemingly naughty indulgence will satisfy your cravings.

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Coconut Cashew Butter 250g

Melrose Coconut Cashew Butter is a coconut lover's dream. This heavenly combination is made with lightly roasted cashews that are crushed and blended with creamy coconut and a pinch of Himalayan salt. Our creamed coconut is made from fresh coconut flesh that's dried and ground into a creamy white paste. This combination tastes so good you'd think it was bad.

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