Meet Melrose


We believe in eating your way to health, and that health can, and should taste great. We believe that health doesn’t have to be a chore, it doesn’t have to be a bad tasting experience and it isn’t a pill that you pop and you’re done. We believe in using the best possible ingredients – and wherever possible, that’s Australian organic. We believe in helping people make healthier choices by offering great tasting products to support their wellbeing. We believe in Australia – we are proudly 100% Australian owned.

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Our commitment is for HEALTHIER PEOPLE

“Melrose is such a trusted brand, we have the responsibility to produce the best product we possibly can and because we are the manufacturer, we can absolutely guarantee that.”

– Melrose Production Supervisor

“Melrose has stood the test of time, you get qualified and quantified results and we can always trust that we are going to get those results for our customers health - it’s always been that way.”
– Melrose VIC Retail Partner

It is important that we reach THE WORLD

“We have a strong Australian brand with a rich heritage, access to the best quality ingredients, our own in-house manufacturing, so we really have a great opportunity to be able to improve the health of not only Australians, but people around the world.”
– Melrose International Sales Manager

“It’s important to bring health to the world, everybody deserves to have health available to them and in this day and age it’s important to be a global business because of the breadth of who we can reach and the impact we can have. It’s about truly making a difference.”
– Melrose Head of Sales

“We’re now delivering ideal products for people’s health. What we’re trying to achieve is quite profound because we can tap into the world, on a global scale and educate people and offer them health so that they can feel vital and finally experience true health, which most humans on this planet haven’t really felt.”
– Melrose Education Officer

"Our crusade will never be OVER. We’ll get told if we’re successful, the ultimate indicator is people using our products who know and love our brand, go seeking our brand, and give our brand credit for making their lives better, that’s how we’ll know if we’ve been successful.”
– Melrose CEO

Our products are for EVERYDAY

“The secret to helping people be healthier is getting inside people’s lives on a daily basis, being part of the rhythm of their day so that it’s easy and maintainable. The secret is just eating better and we, at Melrose have a role in helping people do that.”– Melrose CEO

“More and more we see people are starting to become conscious of what they eat and how what they put in their mouths affects them and their overall wellbeing. Health food and eating well is becoming a part of people’s everyday life and we’re excited to be a part of that.”
– Melrose Brand Manager

“This is what it’s all about, inspiring everyday people to swap ingredients they’re used to cooking with, with something that is going to help you feel the best you can be.”
– Dani Venn, Melrose Resident Wholefoods Cook

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We have some amazing ambassadors too!

We love working with other people who are as passionate about healthy living as we are. That's why we've parternered with some of the inspiring minds below to help bring the Melrose ethos to life through recipes, informative articles, videos and more.

Learn all about our incredible ambassadors here!

Dani Venn

Melrose Wholefoods Cook

“Being part of the Melrose Health team is a dream come true, Melrose is an inspiring business dedicated to creating the best possible range of whole food products for people who want to lead a healthier life. I know first hand the quality of these products and love cooking with ingredients I know have no added nasties, are mainly organic, taste amazing and make you feel great from the inside out." 

Dani Venn is a Melbourne based whole foods cook, most widely known for her time as a finalist on MasterChef Australia in 2012, All Star in 2012 and host of Weekend Feast on Channel. Dani shares her passion for real food, health and everyday wellness through her blog, The Wholehearted Cook. and living by her mantra ‘nourish, nurture, glow’ by running wellness retreats in beautiful locations around the world. Dani is also the creative director of Eat It Up Creative, a food and communications consultancy for food related business. 

Follow Dani on Instagram @thewholeheartedcook

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Steph Lowe

Melrose Resident Nutritionist

“We’ve been using Melrose products in the clinic for years and for us, it’s all about quality, but also about accessibility – we want real food to be simple and affordable and Melrose products are accessible to everyday Australians.”

Steph Lowe is a Sports Nutritionist, yogi and founder of The Natural Nutritionist, a hub for celebrating the importance of real food, and author of The Real Food Athlete

With a passion for spreading a positive message about real food and the incredible affect it has on performance, Steph launched The Natural Nutritionist in 2011 and is on a mission to inspire others to make health a priority in their lives.

Steph's extensive nutritional experience spans from elite athletes, to schools, and corporations, where she has worked with the likes of Grill'd to develop new menu items, and Savills where she educated corporates about real food for productivity and performance in the workplace.

Along with self-publishing her first book, The Real Food Athlete, and running The Natural Nutritionist, Steph is also the resident Nutritionist for Melrose Health and is launching a 12-week online program, LCHF Endurance, in 2018.

Follow Steph on Instagram @thenaturalnutritionist