Organic Wheatgerm Oil 250mL

  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • kosher
  • organic
  • certified organic certified organic
  • Melrose Organic Wheatgerm Oil is extracted from the kernel of the wheatgerm and then cold-pressed, giving it a superior taste and retaining all of its natural vitamins and minerals.
    100% Organic Wheatgerm Oil
  • - Rich source of antioxidants
    - One of the richest sources of vitamin E
    - Contains essential fatty acids - linoleic and linolenic
  • Best used as a finishing oil for warm and cold dishes. Can be mixed with other oils to increase antioxidant properties. Melrose Organic Wheatgerm Oil has a rich golden colour and a mild grassy aroma.
    When to use this oil? Cooking at low temperatures. drizzle over salads and as a finishing oil.
    Smoke point - low. Can be heated to approximately 160°C.
    For inspiration on how to use this oil, check out our Recipes page.
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