Superfood Breakfast Jar

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  • Liv Kaplan
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Superfood Breakfast Jar

This vibrant breakfast jar is a simple grab-and-go option for a nutritious breakfast on the run. Filled with plant based omega-3 fats, plenty of fibre and antioxidant filled Organic Essential Greens, this breakfast has all the ease of takeaway and all the nutrition of a home cooked meal. 

Superfoods can be hard to incorporate on a daily basis, so adding them to your breakfast is tasty way to ensure you’ve got a dose of powerful immune supporting antioxidants before the day has even begun.

Prep time:

120 minutes





  1. Add chia seeds, greens and almond milk to a jar. Shake well to combine, ensuring there are no chia seed clumps. Add stevia and vanilla and shake again to combine. Place in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight.
  2. Serve with coconut yoghurt and nut butter.