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Topicals – Pure and Simple

We carry a diverse range of nutrient dense massage oils, shampoos and conditioners to help nourish skin and hair.

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What Are Topicals?

Topicals are solutions, either oils or creams, that are applied externally to help maintain healthy hair and skin. The Melrose range includes hemp shampoo & conditioner, castile soaps and a massage oils range. 

Additionally, our range of kitchen and omega oils can also double as topical solutions. Including evening primrose oil that contains GLA to help retain skin moisture and elasticity; coconut oil which contains fatty acids to reduce inflamed dry skin; and sweet almond oil that contains rich minerals like vitamin A, C, E and D, to restore skin integrity keeping skin youthful and glowing. 

Try our topical range today, to see how we can help to keep your skin & hair glowing.