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Are you lacking energy & focus right now? You’re not the only one.

Are you lacking energy & focus right now? You’re not the only one.

Let’s be frank here. There are going to be days where you cannot be bothered getting out of bed & you feel completely unmotivated.

However, when this is an ongoing occurrence, we know something needs to change.

The one thing we can all agree on is that optimal energy and focus is important for everyone. But let’s understand what could be causing the fatigue and how we can regain our vitality.

The number one issue is what we feed our bodies. Western diets aren’t exactly nourishing. It often leaves us with dehydration, an imbalance of the wrong fatty acids & too much sodium and sugar. No wonder why we feel like exhausted scatter brains.

Generally speaking, simple diet modifications can make a world of difference. Protein with each meal, assists in balancing blood sugar levels, resulting in less cravings & maintains mood regulation. Hydrating with at least 2 litres of water per day results in more efficient digestion & a clearer mind. EFA’s (omega-3’s), assist in hormone regulation and create bioavailable energy. Antioxidants found in vegetables and fruits, help to boost our immunity & fight off oxidative stress. 

Another key factor is lack of restorative sleep. Our suggestion is to create a bedtime routine. Such as, ceasing caffeine after 5pm, going to bed & waking at the same hour each day, turning electronics off 30-60mins before bed, soaking in a warm bath or reading a book & keeping light and noise to a minimum.

Also, when practised consistently we can improve our memory, focus and concentration with meditation and exercise. We recommend starting out slow, whether it be a 5-minute guided meditation or a walk around the block. Every little bit counts.

With all the information that’s out there our key note is if you take anything away from this, be kind with yourself. Eating can be an emotional time, change is difficult, don’t set expectations too high, start small, reach out for help if you need and thank yourself more often.

Melrose is here to heal those nutritional gaps naturally, and to help you feel at your best. We adore our range of food-based products and we hope you do too. Our MCT oil is an easy addition to create focus & kick fatigue in the butt, without the crash (thanks caffeine). Our essential greens powder can be added to a smoothie, to provide the essential nutrients and minerals it needs for natural detoxification, mood regulation and maintenance of energy. Our vitamin C contains a rich source of anti-oxidants to boost your immunity & to create optimal health. We hope to help you regain your vitality, energy & focus - just take small steps.

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