Omega Cod Liver Oil 500mL

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Health & Vision

  • Anti-inflammatory to prevent vision loss
  • Vitamin A protects macula and retina eye damage
  • Vitamin D important for strong immunity
  • Anti-oxidants for eye, brain and immune health functioning
  • Melrose Omega Cod Liver Oil is derived from wild Icelandic cod from the pristine waters of the northern Atlantic. Cod Liver contains a combination of omega 3s and vitamin A that have anti-inflammatory properties to protect against eye related damage, potentially leading to vision loss, retina damage, macular degeneration and glaucoma. As well as eye health, vitamin A plays a role in the functioning of brain, immune and skin health. Vitamin D an antioxidant found in cod liver oil also contributes to immune health, by it's action to rapidly adapt to immune responses. Vitamin D defends against bacterial infection and disease, which plays an important role in our immunity. This combination of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and fatty acids, protect against tissue and cellular damage, to promote healthy eye function as well as immune protection.
    Independent lab testing for heavy metals and environmental toxins ensures only the purest, quality premium cod liver oil.
  • Each 5ml dose contains:
    Cod Liver Oil 4.62g
    Omega-3 triglycerides 808mg
    EPA 30mg
    DHA 416mg
    Retinyl Palmate 1.71mg
    Equiv. A (3125IU) 935mcg RE
    Vitamin D (400IU) 10mcg
    Natural Orange Flavour
  • Consumed orally daily
    Mixed into your favourite juice or smoothie
    A light odourless texture with a clear appearance
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High in omega-3s, derived from wild Icelandic cod from the pristine waters of the northern Atlantic, to reduce inflammation, swelling and promote optimal health


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