Organic 3-6-7-9 Omega Oil

  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • organic
  • dairy free
  • certified organic certified organic
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Perfectly Balanced Omegas

  • Vital antioxidants maintaining skin hydration
  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines
  • A rich source of vitamin E for skin conditions
  • Maintains healthy diet of plant phytosterols
  • Regulates hormonal health and PMS symptoms
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Melrose Organic 3-6-7-9 Omega Oil is a premium blend of highly nutritious omega oils.
    Our combination includes flaxseeds, hemp, avocado, sacha inchi and macadamia oil, to provide a healthy vegan-omega based alternative. Essential fatty acids are used as an energy source as well as playing an important role in hormonal and skin health.
    Hemp oil is an anti-flammatory, specifically targeting the regulation PMS symptoms, as well as reducing painful muscle cramping. Sacha Inchi assists to improve skin elasticity by its action to lock in moisture to provide skin hydration. Sacha inchi and avocado oil work in combination to increase collagen production, reducing fine lines and minimising large pores. Flaxseed oil helps to reduce skin dryness and helps to support a balanced plant based diet.
    Both Flaxseed and macadamia oil contain alpha-tocopherols including vitmain E a potent antioxidant which protects the skin from oxidative damage.
    Macadamia and avocado oil also contain rich amounts of omega-9, which acts as an anti-inflammatory to inhibit bacterial infections and swelling from skin conditions.
  • Each 20ml dose contains:
    Organic flaxseed oil 56%
    Organic hemp seed oil 20%
    Organic avocado oil 15%
    Organic Sacha Inchi Oil 5%
    Macadamia Oil 4%
  • Can be taken straight, used in salad dressings or dips, added to your favourite smoothie or juice, drizzled over vegetables, salads or your favourite breakfast.
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    Melrose Organic 3-6-7-9 Omega Oil has a pleasant, nutty flavour.

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Organically sourced flaxseeds, hemp, avocado, sacha inchi and macadamia oil, to provide a healthy vegan-omega based alternative


At Melrose, we exist to make it easier for everyone to be and feel healthier, naturally. We believe in the power of whole foods, but see the challenge that modern lifestyles can place on our diets. Our superfood blends are potent sources of beneficial nutrients that make a noticeable difference to our consumers lives.