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Minty Chocolate Bark

  • A little indulgence
  • Developed by our resident nutritionist, Steph Lowe
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Minty Chocolate Bark

Prep time:

15 minutes

Cooking time:

120 minutes




The Birthday Set: Melrose Essential Greens + T2 The Dreamer Tea:

Get ready for bed with a healthy take on the after-dinner mint, perfectly paired with T2’s The Dreamer Tea to promote a restful night sleep. Developed by our resident nutritionist, Steph Lowe, this Chocolate Bark incorporates Essential Greens to help boost your vegie intake for the day and won’t spike your blood sugar levels while winding down at night.


Ingredients (Serves 10-12)

½ cup cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil

1 tablespoon Melrose MCT Oil, optional

2 tablespoons Melrose rice malt syrup

½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste

¼ cup raw cacao

2 tablespoons Melrose Essential Greens

1 teaspoon organic peppermint oil

¼ cup raw cashews, roughly chopped

¼ cup coconut flakes

1 teaspoon sea salt


Line a small baking tray with baking paper.

To a small saucepan, add oils, rice malt syrup and vanilla bean paste. Over a low heat, stir until melted.

Whisk through the cacao, greens powder and peppermint oil, once well combined add the chopped cashews, coconut and salt.

Pour onto the prepared baking tray and transfer to the freezer for 2 hours, or until ready to serve.

When ready to serve, remove from the freezer and break into pieces to enjoy. Keep the remaining chocolate in the freezer until next time.