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What is MCT?

Never heard of MCT? While they might not be a household name, MCTs became popular in the 90’s amongst bodybuilders and fitness fanatics as a clean source of energy to support endurance workouts such and cycling and weightlifting. Today, MCTs are used more widely to boost both physical and mental performance, offering an alternate energy source to glucose.

Let us break down what Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are and how they work:

MCTs have slightly shorter fatty acid chain compared to the fats and oils from animal and plant sources, which contain Long Chain Triglycerides (LCTs) (e.g., fish, avocado, nuts, seeds, corn, peanut, safflower, and soybean oil).

MCTs are metabolised differently compared to LCTs, as they are directly absorbed into your portal circulation and do not need to be emulsified like long-chain triglycerides. MCTs optimize energy production for your body, specifically during periods of fasting, or when following a low carbohydrate diet.

MCTs are converted to ketones which boost satiety, provide alternative energy source and improve mental focus.

100% Natural

Our MCT Oils are 100% derived from organic coconuts. Regular coconut oil will have a mix of medium-chain and long-chain triglycerides. We fractionate the 4 different types of MCTs from our coconuts and use them to deliver specific benefits across our range of MCT Oils.

Fuel for brain and body

The shorter the triglyceride, the quicker it will convert to energy in the body. Each of our MCT formula’s have been expertly mixed to provide a different level and length of energy production to suit different activities.

Why Melrose MCT?

Melrose was the first to bring MCT Oil to Australian shores in the 1990s and it remains as one of our hero products to this day.

Our MCTs are derived from organic coconuts and not from palm oil. The manufacturing method ensures that no carriers or additives are used, and the end result is pure MCT oil. Suitable for vegans and keto dieters, and free from GMO, added gluten and soy.

Which MCT is for me?

  • Supports ketogenic and low-carb diets
  • A great all-rounder for natural energy
  • Supports fat burning and healthy weight management
MCT Brain Power
  • Fastest converting energy source for a boost of mental energy
  • Supports mental clarity
  • Great alternative energy source to caffeine for an afternoon pick-me-up that won’t affect sleep
MCT Energy & Exercise
  • Sustained fuel for mind and body
  • Provides a longer lasting energy for exercise
  • Supports physical performance and fat burning